No Smoke Without Buyers - Techshed Frome Meetup [18th Sept 2019]

Weekly open/casual meetups for making, networking & general collab. Wednesdays 7-9pm, Welshmill Hub, Frome.
2019-09-18 19:00

No Smoke Without Buyers

Building Up

We’re still finding our way a bit on how much to lead sessions, but we’re looking to make sure we have basic kit available for all - just turn up and get something practical to work with and importantly to give people an opportunity to make interesting and useful kit for the space.

I had a bit of a plan to make some more electronics with moving parts - brought in my soldering iron and stuff - then we talked through what next sessions might be and planned out what kit we’d need to make a proper session where we didn’t totally depend on what kit people brought in.

We put together a buy list, went ahead and organised the purchases and delivery (we probably want a kit list on the site at some point).

Some Practical Stuff

Getting past the admin bit (which moves us forward a fair chunk), we managed to generate a little bit of smoke at the end - soldering up a couple of DigiStump USB microcontrollers (pretty capable, interesting form-factor with USB communication on device & 3rd part clones are generally less than £1.50 on eBay etc.)