Techshed Frome Meetup [2nd Oct 2019]

As ever, these are open sessions, so you can bring kit or ideas in software, data, electronics etc. to discuss, work on, get advice or just bring yourself and see what’s going on.

For a bit of structure, were going to continue working with some of the Electronics kit we’ve bought for the space, with the aim of getting people over the first hurdle into electronics and connected devices.

2019-10-02 19:00
If you want to get involved in making electronics for the space, the links below should help get you up and running. If you get this sorted before the session, there will be more time for practical stuff.

  • Download the Arduino Development Tools
    • Install Arduino IDE (Integrated Development Environment)
  • Download code samples and PDF from Elagoo
    • Unzip the files into an easy to find location
    • Open the PDF titled 37 SENSOR KIT TUTORIAL FOR UNO AND MEGA v2.<some numbers>.pdf and take a quick look at the sorts of projects that can be made with the kit we have available.
    • If you had any issues setting up the Arduino environment