Techshed Frome Meetup [16th Oct 2019]

Weekly casual meetup - as ever feel free to bring/work on projects, learn/experiment with new things, for advice and to chat with other members.

Similar to last week- expect some discussion on possible projects with Discover Frome, connected electronics, web dev and maybe some cyber security chat - plus whatever you’re working on.


A few more new faces this week, which is great to see.

Great atmosphere with really interesting conversations had, and practical work going on - one LED Matrix project fixed, a different LED Matrix died, but it’s all.

Kinetic art/physical mirrors came up - here’s a couple of links of anyone’s interested:

A couple of project notes

Proogressive Web Apps

At some point we’re likely to be putting together a PWA (Progressive Web App) for Discover Frome

Sensor Networks/Pollution Monitoring

We’re going to continue working with programmable electronics as part of an effort to get people up to speed for a pollution monitoring project.

We’re likely to try out some different ways to get the data from sensors etc. and have been in contact with Air Apparent in Bristol, looking at using some proven sensor designs like this one created by Luftdaten in Germany.

Pollution Monitor