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Tech Shed Frome is organised as an ‘unincorporated association’ run by its members. As a member you are entitled to:
  • take part in Tech Shed sessions and projects;
  • use Tech Shed equipment and facilities;
  • attend and vote at any general meetings;
and are eligible for election to the Committee.


Membership is open to anyone who is aged at least 16 years old and supports the aims of Tech Shed Frome.

If you are under 16 years of age you can still come to meetings, but you must be accompanied by a member.

Our aims, from the Constitution, are:
  • To support the tech community in Frome and the surrounding area
  • To provide a space where the tech community can meet to experiment, tinker, collaborate, share skills and socialise
  • To organise open events to demystify technology and share tech skills and knowledge
  • To serve the wider community by undertaking projects that solve local problems
  • To grow the pool of tech talent
… where ‘tech’ is intended as a broad term to include software, hardware, analogue and digital electronics, robotics, and other related areas”


Membership runs for a calendar year, and you need to re-join every year. You do this by:

Membership fee

The annual membership fee is currently £5. (We also charge a per-session fee for in-person Tech Shed sessions, though the regular online sessions are currently free.)

You can make your payment:
  • to our bank account:
    • Sort Code: 60-08-31
    • Account Name: TECHSHED FROME
    • Account No: 63769387
    • Reference: your name
  • or in cash:

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